Monday, November 22, 2010

China Glaze Holiday Dupes

I've had quite a few holiday lemmings this year, and among those was China Glaze's "Party Hearty". Unfortunately, the only way I could find it was in a three-pack with "Phat Santa" and "Jolly Holly". I'm not complaining about having the other two polishes, but it's just, well, I already had them. Or at least dupes of them. Since my Mommy Manicure Monday manicure is a boring old french, this Monday is dedicated to comparisons:Ignore the upside down picture and concentrate on the bottles, if you would. This is China Glaze "Phat Santa" and Ulta "Steppin' Out". As you can see, in the bottle they're identical.

From l to r, "Phat Santa", "Steppin' Out", "Phat Santa", "Steppin' Out". There is absolutely no difference between these two colors. They could have been from the same bottle. This is two coats of each.

Next up was Jolly Holly, which I knew right away looked familiar. It strongly resembled another polish from a fall collection that I really, really wanted back then, "Harvest Hues" by Finger Paints:

In the bottle, "Jolly Holly" looks slightly darker.
This isn't the best picture, I apologize. My camera battery was dying on me, so I tried to snap the picture quick. From l to r, "Jolly Holly", "Harvest Hues", "Jolly Holly", "Harvest Hues". These would be another exact dupe, but "Harvest Hues" has a gold shimmer to it that is only visible in the light. They're still close enough that I would have passed on "Jolly Holly" if it hadn't been in a three pack with "Party Hearty".

So, there's the scoop. The two colors that everyone said looked too familiar really are familiar. If you have either "Harvest Hues" or "Steppin' Out", you don't need these two holiday colors from China Glaze.


  1. I got that same three pack--shoulda waited until I could get Party Hearty alone. I don't have the Ulta red but I'm sure I have another that's close enough.

  2. Yeah, I was like, desperate to find Party Hearty. I wear enough red that Phat Santa isn't an unwelcome duplicate, but the green... meh.