Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Greens

Tuesday seems like a good day to post the greens in our collection!

We only have a measly five greens! And to think, all this time I've been holding us back from buying more greens, thinking we don't have enough!

L-R: Sinful Colors "The Way", Studio M "Neon Greenlight", Sinful Colors "San Francisco", Nicole by OPI: "Peas and Q's", Sinful Colors "Gorgeous".

You might be asking us, "Mommy and R.E.I.T., why do y'all have so many Sinful Colors polishes? Well, let's make this one a dual purpose post. I love Sinful Colors, so allow me to proselytize about them. Sinful Colors are cheap at 1.88 or so at Meijer. And yes, Meijer factors into my buying habits. We're a family of modest means, so I'm more likely to pick up a small luxury from the grocery store than to make a special trip out to buy nail polish at a beauty supply store. I mean, obviously, we go to Sally's and Ulta, but not as often as Meijer. Plus, with the absolutely huge selection of Sinful Colors shades, and their awesome application, I can rationalize buying four of them instead of one OPI. :)

A message from R.E.I.T.: Whoa! This is green. Funny.

R.E.I.T. says that "Peas and Q's" is the best of our green polishes, but I prefer "San Francisco". To which R.E.I.T. says, "No. Mmmm no, no, no. This." So, I guess she makes a pretty compelling argument.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Very First Post!

Hi everybody, and welcome to our nail blog! I'm Mommy, a thirty-year-old SAHM and author, and my daughter, R.E.I.T. (Russian Empress In Training) is an astoundingly verbal 22 month old. We both love nail polish. In fact, we love it so much, we had to start this blog to defend our spending habits to Daddy!

Mommy: "Is that good so far?"
R.E.I.T.: "Mmmhmm. Be. Nice."
Mommy: "I thought I was being nice."
R.E.I.T.: "Mommy, you want help?"

Message from R.E.I.T.: I paint. Uhm, no. You paint. Happy, happy, happy!

We thought that for the next few posts we would share our current nail polish stash. It's a modest collection, by most nail blog standards, but it's growing every week with our trips to Sally Beauty, Walmart, and Meijer.

R.E.I.T. thought we should share our glittery polishes first:

L-R: Hard Candy "Sweet P", Sinful Colors "Pinky Glitter", Sinful Colors "Hottie", Sinful Colors "I Miss You", Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie", Studio M "Gold Glitter"

Hmmm. Well, that just won't do. Not at all.

Mommy: "Do you think we have enough glittery nail polishes?"
R.E.I.T.: "Nooooo."
Mommy: "I think it's time to make a wish list."
R.E.I.T.: "I want paint."

So, while we make our wish lists, check out what we're wearing today over on the left there!