Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Greens

Tuesday seems like a good day to post the greens in our collection!

We only have a measly five greens! And to think, all this time I've been holding us back from buying more greens, thinking we don't have enough!

L-R: Sinful Colors "The Way", Studio M "Neon Greenlight", Sinful Colors "San Francisco", Nicole by OPI: "Peas and Q's", Sinful Colors "Gorgeous".

You might be asking us, "Mommy and R.E.I.T., why do y'all have so many Sinful Colors polishes? Well, let's make this one a dual purpose post. I love Sinful Colors, so allow me to proselytize about them. Sinful Colors are cheap at 1.88 or so at Meijer. And yes, Meijer factors into my buying habits. We're a family of modest means, so I'm more likely to pick up a small luxury from the grocery store than to make a special trip out to buy nail polish at a beauty supply store. I mean, obviously, we go to Sally's and Ulta, but not as often as Meijer. Plus, with the absolutely huge selection of Sinful Colors shades, and their awesome application, I can rationalize buying four of them instead of one OPI. :)

A message from R.E.I.T.: Whoa! This is green. Funny.

R.E.I.T. says that "Peas and Q's" is the best of our green polishes, but I prefer "San Francisco". To which R.E.I.T. says, "No. Mmmm no, no, no. This." So, I guess she makes a pretty compelling argument.

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  1. A compelling argument, to be sure. But I'm going with The Way and San Francisco.