Monday, August 30, 2010

Very First Post!

Hi everybody, and welcome to our nail blog! I'm Mommy, a thirty-year-old SAHM and author, and my daughter, R.E.I.T. (Russian Empress In Training) is an astoundingly verbal 22 month old. We both love nail polish. In fact, we love it so much, we had to start this blog to defend our spending habits to Daddy!

Mommy: "Is that good so far?"
R.E.I.T.: "Mmmhmm. Be. Nice."
Mommy: "I thought I was being nice."
R.E.I.T.: "Mommy, you want help?"

Message from R.E.I.T.: I paint. Uhm, no. You paint. Happy, happy, happy!

We thought that for the next few posts we would share our current nail polish stash. It's a modest collection, by most nail blog standards, but it's growing every week with our trips to Sally Beauty, Walmart, and Meijer.

R.E.I.T. thought we should share our glittery polishes first:

L-R: Hard Candy "Sweet P", Sinful Colors "Pinky Glitter", Sinful Colors "Hottie", Sinful Colors "I Miss You", Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie", Studio M "Gold Glitter"

Hmmm. Well, that just won't do. Not at all.

Mommy: "Do you think we have enough glittery nail polishes?"
R.E.I.T.: "Nooooo."
Mommy: "I think it's time to make a wish list."
R.E.I.T.: "I want paint."

So, while we make our wish lists, check out what we're wearing today over on the left there!


  1. Hi R.E.I.T.! I love your blog - it's awesome!

    So Mommy needs help being nice? ;)

    Hmmm...that "I Miss You" color almost makes me want to paint my nails.

  2. We can gladly let you try it out! It's one of our favorites.

  3. Love your blog R.E.I.T and Mommy, please keep it coming love seeing all your polish.

    Have you tried Orly (it's up to blue), great shade of blue.
    Love from the nail queen on the other side of town.

  4. I might have to make a blog over here just to follow this. I love nail polish so much. haha. Plus R.E.I.T and you are adorable.

  5. Lisa: We have had that in our basket on a number of times, ready to buy it, but we already have a blue/teal metallic from Sinful Colors (that you'll see when we post our blues) That I think is really, really close and we end up putting it back... I should put it on before we got to Sally next time so that we can compare them!

    FaeriesFolly: I'm so addicted to nail blogs, and R.E.I.T. and myself have to check our favorites every day, LOL.

  6. I love you guys. :D
    Makes me wish i didn't bite my nails so much.

  7. Welcome to nail blogging! I have found it is quite a good way to justify purchasing more polishes. :)