Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy Manicure Monday and MORE!

This Mommy Manicure Monday is more of a guest-starring manicure. This lovely set of acrylic nails is the handiwork of Lisa, owner of L.A. Nails in Delton, MI. Lisa has been doing nails for, gosh, at least fifteen years now, and she is a pro. The best part about getting my nails done by Lisa? All the nail gossip (she has a Konad stamper! I got to look through the kit and everything!)

Now, the color you're looking at is O.P.I. "Lucky, Lucky Lavender," which is just a fantastic color on all accounts. What's really special, though, is underneath. Friends, I have exciting news. I got to experience, first hand, CND Shellac. I know, I know, settle down now. Lisa used a CND Shellac base coat between the acrylic and the polish. The end result is, I can take this polish off and still have a gorgeous French manicure beneath that is shiny and protected. And I can apply more polish over it, provided that I use only non-acetone nail polish remover.

Now, because acrylic nails and I only get along for a short time (I have an attention span like a gnat), when I remove them, I'm going to try out a full CND Shellac manicure on my natural nails. Lisa recommends a clear CND Shellac manicure for people who have a tough time growing out their natural nails, because it offers a layer of protection you can't get from regular polish, and because it is lighter and more flexible than acrylic or gel nails. Between manicures, a client can file away the tell-tale growth line and apply clear polish over the entire nail to blend, though she does warn that people wishing to grow their nails very long will need to have the Shellac completely removed and replaced at some point in the process, because the weight of the Shellac on the nail tip will cause a break. CND Shellac isn't what professionals call a "fill" product, meaning it can't be touched up for regrowth.

Another miracle product she used were "magic drops" or O.P.I. "Drip Dry" lacquer drying drops. They are amazing, and I'm dying to add some to my collection. They dry the polish to the touch almost immediately, and your nails dry hard in five minutes. This is a must have product for us, because R.E.I.T. doesn't like waiting for her polish to dry with her hands in front of the fan!

R.E.I.T. has her own opinion of this Mommy Manicure: "A hands! I want! Put hands! Want paint!"

Expect to see more nail tips from Lisa right here on this blog, as she has graciously consented to let me pass them along!

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  1. Fancy nails! I've never tried acrylics or Shellac, much less both at the same time.