Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Purple.

Today is Spirit Day, also known as Wear Purple Day. In memory of the young people who have recently committed suicide after being mocked and harassed because of their sexuality, people all over the world are wearing purple. This is a no-hatred household, so today, R.E.I.T. and I are showing our support with our nails:

R.E.I.T. is wearing "Frenzy" by Studio M...

and Mommy is wearing Orly "Charged Up" with Sinful Colors "I Miss You" layered over the top, with a fimo slice butterfly.

Show your support, and wear some fantastic purple today. You never know how a simple gesture like that could affect another person.

L-R: OPI "Licoln Park After Dark" (suede), Sinful Colors "Fiji", Studio M "Frenzy", Orly "Charged Up", Nicole by OPI "Show You Care"

For more information, and other ways to help (that are a little bit more helpful than just wearing purple), visit


  1. I really didn't like that color in the original version, but I love it in the suede finish!